Thursday, October 18, 2018

I wonder just how different Apple might be if Steve Jobs hadn’t dreamt up their flagship product, the iPhone. We visualized the revenue data of Apple to see what we could learn.

  1. Make the difference: Without the iPhone and its proportionate service revenues, Apple would have generated between $58-80bn - that’s similar revenues to the US Postal Services, Tesco or Peugeot.
  2. Mind the gap: The iPad would be Apple’s second biggest best performing product, yet it accounted for just 8% of total revenues last year.
  3. The importance of experimenting until you find a new growth engine: iPhone sales have accounted for >60% of total revenues in the last three years and has gone hand in hand with Apple’s incredible success. Apple tried out many things and not all worked. The iPhone did.

Keep dreaming big. Keep experimenting. It can make all the difference.


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